Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I turn my gas off?

Out by the gas meter. Your gas line comes out of the ground and a shut off valve is installed on the line.  An adjustable wrench or pair of pliers is required.

Can I turn my gas back on after I have cut it off?

No. This is a one way valve.  Only a gas serviceman can turn gas back on.  Call 334-684-2284 for cut on service.

Can a customer request a service call after hours?

Yes, Geneva County Gas District has a serviceman on call 24/7.  Call 334-684-2284 and the answering machine will have information to reach the serviceman on call. If it is an emergency, call 911.  All Non-Emergency or service calls after hours are subject to an after hours charge.

Can you help me understand my bill?

Geneva County Gas District bills in therms. One therm is 100,000 BTU's of energy.

Geneva County Example Bill

What are the billing dates?

Meters are read on the 1st of each month.  Bills will be processed and mailed out by the 5th of each month and due on the 20th. After the 20th, if bill is unpaid, a late fee will be added to account.  The 25th is the cutoff date for unpaid accounts. After the 25th, a connect fee will be required to turn gas back on.  

Can I get my gas line located?

Yes. It is free and easy.  Simply call 811 or Geneva County Gas District at 334-684-2284.

What if I smell gas or think I have a gas leak?

Walk away and call 911 or GCGD at 334-684-2284 to report any gas leak or rotten egg smell.

What are the regular operating hours for GCGD?

7:00AM until 3:30PM Monday – Friday

How can I establish gas service?

Call Geneva County Gas District for information at (334) 684-2284.

What are the payment options?

  1. Pay your bill online here
  2. By calling GCGD and paying with a debit/credit card (during regular office hours)
  3. ACH payments – Enroll in person at GCGD office
  4. Mail payment to Geneva County Gas District at PO Box 280 Geneva, AL  36340
  5. Night Drop located beside the front door at GCGD office.

Will GCGD accept credit cards for deposits?

No. Deposits must be cash, check or money order.

Geneva County Gas District

Address: 1504 W. Magnolia Avenue, Geneva, AL 36340
Phone: (334) 684-2284
Fax: (334) 684-2491
Hours: Monday through Friday 7:00AM to 3:30PM